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Featured Client: Lenox Hotel – “Green is in Our Roots”
Lenox Hotel

This week’s post comes to us from Scot Hopps, Director of Green at the Lenox Hotel, Boston. Green Promotional Items Founder Gerri Weiner would like to thank Scot and his team for their hard work to ensure the happiness of both their guests and the planet.

From Scot Hopps:
Green is in Our Roots

Ok, for all you biologists out there I know roots have no chlorophyll. But stay with me.

The Lenox Hotel has an overwhelming focus on service and experience. The guest is the ultimate indicator of our success, and as such, we create the experience to be about the guest and shy away from attention on our own practices. We don’t focus on big, boastful leaves. Don’t be fooled however, as our roots, our genuine commitment and our everyday actions prove our commitment to sustainability in all that we do.

Yet this may seem in contrast to the commonly held view of The Lenox. Condè Nast and US News & World Report designated The Lenox one of the “Greenest Hotels in America,” and we are awarded a 4 Green Key eco-rating year after year. There are plenty of visible initiatives to substantiate this. We’ve been working at it for over 20 years, which you’ll notice on a walk through the hotel – efficient lighting in rooms and hallways, green cleaning products, a visible recycling program, the towel and sheet reuse program, energy saving thermostats, a hybrid house car, and we have recently installed Boston’s first privately owned curb-side electric vehicle charging station. We identify and address opportunities wherever and whenever we can.

More telling, however, are the less visible actions we don’t actively promote. Often it comes down to things that are about us – and we’re not about us. We don’t celebrate us. We are celebrating our guests. Consequently, there is no suitable forum to publicize employee uniforms created from recycled plastic bottles, the use of locally manufactured soy-based ink for all our printing, Energy Star certified office equipment, recycling of waste oil from the restaurants, purchasing locally sourced products for special amenities, or the presence of washable plates and cups in our employee cafeteria. And no one gets to see our ongoing efforts every day creating future projects to uphold our commitment. The dozens of attempts to implement amenity dispensers in guest rooms, remove water bottles, and replace the decorative candelabra bulbs that are aesthetically gorgeous but an eyesore to anyone viewing through a green lens.

We also don’t sweat the green competition. We are aware of the best practices, (we have begun and shared many of them); however, we don’t act solely to be visible. We don’t do just to say we did. We maintain a solid moral compass and hold ourselves to our own high standards. We do things simply because they are the right thing to do. We make decisions that are wise environmental steps or wise business steps – often they are both. We help people because we should and we are able to. We pay and reward people appropriately because it is deserved.

I think it is because we are so self-editing, so driven away from us and towards you that we don’t sing from the rooftops about offsetting 100% of our energy. You won’t find our building littered with green signage. But take a glance at both sides of printed pages in our back offices, listen in on the daily discussions about how—not if—to compost food from our restaurants, and peruse our water bill to see the impact of conservation this year compared to last. This article aside, we don’t promote us very much, and we don’t sell our green attributes as well as we could or even should. The Lenox promotes the comfort and dedicated service YOU receive when staying with us.

Green is in our roots—not only in the leaves that you see.

Scot Hopps
Director of Green
The Lenox Hotel


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